Sustainable, at every step

Every supplier we choose is audited by certified International Organizations such as the ‘Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practice’s program to ensure our supply meets the requirements of responsible and sustainable practices with respect to water, resources and feed management.

Spreading awareness, through farmer clusters

Innovative programs and awareness campaigns to disseminate knowledge and ensure compliance throughout the supply chain is an initiative we are proud of. Farmer clusters have been formed where new ideas are deliberated on effective sludge removal, water quality management and recycling, feed management and stocking densities to enable sustainable, efficient and profitable crops. Natural feed from diatoms & algae and methods to enhance them using local raw materials reduces the dependence on fishmeal and pelleted feeds are encouraged.

Our responsibility is to the ocean first

We are intensely aware of the importance of our personal involvement to protect our oceans. Our supply-chain is scrutinised and encouraged to follow the best industry practices of environmental responsibility. Fishing activities are ceased during the monsoon trawling ban and the trawlers stick to the demarcated fishing zones. Propitiatory fishing practices and exclusion of non-targeted species are also encouraged.